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The 5 ‘Can’t Miss’ Things to Do on Seattle Waterfront: Simply Seattle

The 5 ‘Can’t Miss’ Things to Do on Seattle Waterfront: Simply Seattle

Everything’s better on Seattle’s Waterfront, right? At Simply Seattle, we certainly think so! It’s no secret that the Waterfront is simply the best location in all of town if you’re specifically looking for Seattle-themed treats and treasures. Since Seattle’s inception, the waterfront has played a key role in the history and development of the city, first acting as the nexus for all of the trade going in and out of town, and later acting as the emblematic area for Seattle’s most popular recreational and tourist destinations. Now, in conjunction with the rebuild of the Elliott Bay Seawall, and the Viaduct soon to be removed, Seattle’s Waterfront is undergoing an incredible revitalization.  

It all seems to happen here - but if you’re unfamiliar with this iconic corner of the Emerald City, Simply Seattle is happy to be your guide. Here are the 5 ‘Can’t Miss’ Things to do on Seattle’s Waterfront!

Take a Ferry Ride across Puget Sound

The Seattle Waterfront is home to Pier 52, also referred to as Colman Dock. Colman Dock is a Ferry Terminal that has played a big part in Seattle’s History - it’s original construction dates back before the Great Seattle fire in the 1890s! Colman Dock connects Seattle’s waterfront to other terminals within the Seattle Metro Area, along with other terminals and ferry systems within the Washington State Ferry System. If you’ve got the time, a day trip from the Seattle Waterfront over to Bainbridge, Alki, or Bremerton is certainly worth the time and money.  

Get a Load of Pike Place Market

If you’re a seasoned Seattleite, or you’ve only been here once or twice, you’re probably well familiar with Pike Place, Seattle’s iconic arts & crafts and farmer’s market. But, if you’re a newcomer to the Emerald City, make sure to keep your wits about you, or you might get struck in the head with a flying fish or trip on a bouquet of flowers.

On a more serious note, however many times you’ve visited the market, however well you think you know the vendors, the thing that makes Pike Place so special is that there’s always something new to experience. There are so many vendors that rotate frequently that it’d be fairly difficult to get the exact same experience twice. There’s a ton of locally caught fresh seafood, all sorts of handmade goods, from clothing to trinkets to musical instruments, and there’s an abundance of delicious eats that hale from both near and far. Pike Place is definitely not a spot to miss if you’re visiting Seattle’s waterfront.

Take a Ride on Seattle’s Great Wheel

Seattle’s Great Wheel has edged it’s way further into the Emerald City spotlight in recent years. The Great Wheel, which is located on Pier 57, is so bright at night that it’s nearly impossible to miss, and while the Space Needle still holds the ranking position as Seattle’s most recognizable architectural feature, the Great Wheel is certainly gaining as a close rival. Stretching 175 feet above the Pier, and 40 feet out over Elliott Bay, the Wheel provides incredible views of the Puget Sound, Elliott Bay, West Seattle, Downtown Seattle, and Mt. Rainier, which can’t be viewed from the needle. Plus, it gleams with such intensity at night that it outshines anything and everything around it. If you’re looking for a special way to experience city views from Seattle’s Waterfront , the Great Wheel is your best bet.

Seattle Aquarium

We talked about the skyline views and about Pike Place, but did you know that Seattle’s Waterfront is also one of the premiere locations in the city to experience the amazing variety of wildlife native to the Puget Sound? It is, thanks to the Seattle Aquarium. How could we talk about unmissable things to do on Seattle’s Waterfront without mentioning the Seattle Aquarium? The Aquarium provides an unmissable opportunity for folks of all ages to experience the natural beauty that exists just beyond Seattle’s waterfront. Creatures native to the Puget Sound and the greater Northern Pacific Ocean take primary focus, giving you an up close and personal look at the marine ecology of the area. Plus, there’s rotating exhibits and visiting programs, so there’s always something fresh and new to experience at the Seattle aquarium.

Visit Simply Seattle’s Brand New Waterfront Location!

Hey, we might be biased, but we’d be remiss if we failed to mention our new Waterfront location! How can we not?! We’re thrilled to have recently opened a new location on Pier 54, smack dab in the middle between the Washington State Ferry Terminal and the Great Wheel.

Remember when we said that Seattle’s Waterfront is the best place in town to experience Seattle and get your hands on some Seattle-themed goodies? Well, we weren’t joking! Now Seattle’s Waterfront is the #1 spot in the city to get Seattle-themed apparel celebrating both the city and it’s amazing sports teams, not to mention the gift baskets! Yes, at Simply Seattle, we’re dedicated to sharing the best parts of the Emerald City with as many as humanly possible, and that dedication extends well beyond our Seattle Sports Apparel. At Simply Seattle, we also provide a variety of Seattle-themed gift baskets, tiny treasure troves comprised of the best snacks and goodies that the Emerald City has to offer, curated just for you. No matter what aspect of Seattle you’re looking to get your hands on, thanks to Simply Seattle, the Seattle Waterfront is without a doubt the best place in town to do so!


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