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Seattle Hockey - Rich in Tradition

Seattle Hockey - Rich in Tradition

As the NHL kicks off the 2019-2020 season, excitement continues to mount in Seattle as we’re one year closer to cheering on a team of our own. While the franchise hasn’t received a name yet, it’s been incredible to savor the atmosphere as we re-investigate our city’s rich hockey tradition.

From 1915-1924, the Seattle Metropolitans ruled the Pacific Coast Hockey Association. The team captured the imaginations of Seattleites when they secured the city’s first major professional sports championship by winning the 1917 Stanley Cup Finals over the heavily-favored Montreal Canadians. Two years later, in 1919, Seattle looked poised to seize a second Stanley Cup (again over Montreal) before the series was cancelled halfway through the finals due to an influenza epidemic. The 1917 title was historic in that Seattle was the first team to host finals games on American soil and the first American team to win the Stanley Cup. The Metropolitans accomplished it in dominant fashion, outscoring Montreal 23-11 over the course of four games and 19-3 over the final three. All four games were played in Seattle at the historic Seattle Ice Arena and the championship engraving can be seen on the Stanley Cup to this day.

The 1917 Metropolitans represent more than just a championship title, they model the pioneering spirit of Seattle. The fact that a team from a remote logging town could go toe-to-toe with a juggernaut like Montreal and come out on top epitomizes the Seattle ethos. A longtime global leader in industry, business, and innovation, Seattle has an inspirational history of punching above its weight.

In honor of Seattle’s rich hockey history and with the expansion franchise on the horizon, the team at Simply Seattle is thrilled to announce the launch of the Metropolitans Collection. The Collection includes the largest assortment of Metropolitans gear available anywhere and includes brand new, initial-release designs. Join us in celebrating Seattle sports by paying tribute to one of it’s greatest teams.

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