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Oh no, more snow?

Oh no, more snow?

Is Mother Nature going to make us do it all over again?!? 

Remember that time when we all went stir crazy last year with no end in sight? We do. We had the idea of releasing the infamous Snowpocalypse Survivor tee that ended up going viral. It was more than a tee shirt though. It was a way for all of us to cope with the snow and feel like we're in this together. Did you get one?

Read the story below on how the shirt idea came about.

A little idea that took off

Like you, our team was going a little snow crazy and so we started talking about ideas to capture the spirit of Snowpocalypse. We needed a t-shirt to represent the largest snowstorm in recent Seattle history. Whether you were surviving power outages, icy roads, lack of buses or your kids home from school for an extra few days, survival it was.

An avalanche of orders came rolling in.

The idea to make the shirt free and just charge shipping and handling felt like the right decision. Our gift to a region experiencing copious amounts of cabin fever. We launched the shirt on Monday afternoon and a few orders came in right away. We thought, hey maybe we’ll distribute 500-1,000 of these shirts which could be fun. What happened in the following 48 hours was unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Q13 and King 5 picked up the story and the shirt gained momentum…and then the avalanche came. The stories were being shared on Facebook by the thousands and at one point orders were coming in at 40-50 per minute and they didn't stop. Insanity.

"An Ungodly amount of packages.” - USPS

That was the word our Postman used to describe the last pickup of outgoing Snowpocalypse shirts on Saturday. Just ten days earlier, no one was talking about the snow. Now he and his comrades had spent all week making multiple trips per day to haul away thousands of packages at a time. It was quite the scene.

The little company that could.

We pride ourselves on being locally owned, fast, fun and nimble; working to curate the best Seattle and the Pacific Northwest have to offer. A small Seattle business with big ideas. This project required all hands on deck and an around the clock undertaking. Though exhausting, it was extremely satisfying to see everyone come together to make good on our promise to get the shirts out within 7-10 days. We hope you’re loving them.

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