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Hawks are 5-0, keeping things interesting

Hawks are 5-0, keeping things interesting

Have you been able to relax yet? 

Seahawks games never cease to be entertaining, but for all of the 12s out there, well, the excitement is taxing on the nervous system.

Trailing by two scores at the half, it would have been easy to think the Vikings were going to beat the Seahawks for the first time in the Russell Wilson era on Sunday night. And, when Minnesota only needed one yard to, essentially seal the game in the waning minutes of the fourth quarter, it would have been a perfectly acceptable reaction to concede defeat.

But, if we’ve learned anything from this franchise with Pete Carroll and Wilson setting our expectations, it’s to plan the unexpected and, while there were an extensive number of reasons to think the ’Hawks were going to lose yesterday, there was also the expectation that something tremendous was going to happen.

Travis Homer secured a block that bought Wilson a few extra seconds to find DK Mecalf deep down the field on fourth down. That’s Seahawks football.

Metcalf hauled in a catch in the end zone to win the game on a laser from Wilson. That’s Seahawks football.

Carroll giving a motivational postgame speech we’ll be watching on loop for the rest of the season. That’s Seahawks football. 

The idea that the Seahawks always have a chance, keeps us watching. It keeps us engaged. It makes Sunday must-see-TV. And, in a time when there is A LOT not to like in the world, the Seahawks give us something to look forward to.

And, a lot of that starts at the top. It begins with Carroll’s enthusiasm and the culture the team has built during his tenure. And it continues with Wilson, who showed up at the stadium on Sunday wearing a Sue Bird jersey. 

One goat showing his respect for another. 

Being able to support a team that plays great football and is easy to root for is something to celebrate. 

These wins may cause anxiety that pushes us to the edges of our seats every Sunday, but would we want it any other way?

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