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Best Spots to Pre-game a Mariners Game

Best Spots to Pre-game a Mariners Game

If you’re like us, then you know that the best part of going to the ball game isn’t necessarily the game itself, especially if your team loses. Really, it’s about the whole experience; getting’ geared up in your home team’s colors, finding a place to meet up with friends and getting hyped, having a blast at the game, hotdogs, and of course, the postgame celebration and/or drowning of sorrows. It’s called game-day, and not game-hour, for a reason.

Likewise, some of the best parts of going to a Mariner’s game in Seattle consist of all the fun things you get to do around the game. It’s in our humble opinion at Simply Seattle, that the perfect way to experience the Mariner’s is to hit an awesome happy hour nearby, within walking distance, rub elbows with some fellow M’s fans over a beer, hoof it to the stadium and plop down in your seat just in time for the first pitch. That’s how you do it, baby! But, to do it right, you’ve got to find the right spot to pre-game, and we’re here to help! Here are our five favorite spots (in no particular order) to pre-game before the Mariner’s.

1)-Radiator Whiskey

The first spot on our list is definitely an outlier. Located in the heart of Pike’s Place market, Radiator Whiskey stays true to its name serving around 100 different kinds of whiskey, not to mention the dozens of rye, bourbon, and blended options. But remember, don’t rule out the dozens of different kinds of scotch, gin, vodka, wine, and beers, both on tap and bottled. Radiator also has some epic eats that lean towards rustic but are still refined and wholesome. You can even get a smoked half pig's head (you’ve got to order in advance) or a lamb’s neck sloppy joe. Your inner carnivore is sure to find his favorite pre-game spot at Radiator!

Happy Hour: Radiator’s got some deals from 4-6 and 10-close everyday. Including $4 draft beers, $8 bourbon margaritas, and $7 Rainer and a shot of Evan Williams, perfect for getting riled up before the ball game.

2) F.X. McRory's Steak Chop & Oyster House

The F.X. McRory building was constructed in 1906 for the Stewart and Holmes Drug Company, one of Seattle’s oldest companies. Since 1977 the Steak Chop & Oyster House has been under the tutelage of Mick McHugh, and to this day, if you visit McRory’s you’re likely to get a greeting from Mick. The bar has an impressive whiskey menu, and the whiskey bar has historically been known as a favorite watering hole for both Seahawks and Mariners fans. It’s easy to see why; McRory’s is dead center in the middle of Pioneer Square, making it about a 10-minute walk to Safeco. For food, McRory’s has your typical pub fare, but with a bit of a tasteful twist that elevates these otherwise unexciting menu items into the realms of culinary greats. McRory’s Clam Chowder, the Oysters, and the Manila clams are seafood dishes you’ll not want to miss.

Happy Hour:

This spot boasts a pretty epic Happy Hour that happens daily from 3-5:45; one for the early birds. You can get Rainier on draft at $2.50/pint or $8.75 a pitcher, which is pretty much the best deal in town. They also do $4.50 well drinks and a whole slew of $5 dollar cocktails.

3) Pyramid Ale House

Ah yes, the Alehouse definitely takes the prize for the for the most popular pre-game spot on our list. A quick internet search of ‘Pyramid Alehouse’ will reveal countless customer reviews touting it as the #1 Mariners pre-game spot. Right across the street from SafeCo, the Seattle Alehouse is Pyramid’s original alehouse location, and it’s widely known throughout Seattle for it’s collection of carefully made craft brews. The Alehouse is separated into the outdoor beer garden, which is open prior to every Mariners and Seahawks home game, and the indoor brewery area, which features it’s own bar, and spaces where patrons can host private parties. The food at Pyramid is no nonsense pub-fare done right, perfect for getting you through the game.


While there is no specific Happy Hour at the Alehouse, there’s still plenty of events, specials, and fundraiser’s that make for great deals, like this one from Simply Seattle where you can get a beer and some exclusive Mariner’s gear for just $25!

4)- The Pen

The Pen definitely wins the prize for being the closest to Safeco of all the spots on our list; it’s literally inside the stadium. That’s right, The Pen is the bar area located right next to the Mariners Bullpen in Center Field. Made for the early bird, The Pen opens 2 and half hours before the first pitch of every Mariner’s game, that’s 30 minutes sooner than every other ballpark gate. Here you can enjoy incredible food provided by renowned Seattle restaurateur Ethan Stowell. There’re four concession stands; a grass-fed burger spot, a chicken wing stand, new haven-style pizza, and a street tacos & hotdogs stand, all of which perfectly marry classic ballpark favorites with the quality and care you can expect from Ethan Stowell.

Happy Hour: Although the Pen is open for all 9 innings, prime time is an hour before the first pitch. That’s when all draft beers are only $6, an unbeatable deal as far as the ballpark is concerned.

5)-  Sluggers

How on earth could we discuss pre-game spots for the Mariner’s and not talk about Sluggers?! Located in the International district, a quick 10-minute walk from Safeco, Sluggers is perhaps the most well known Baseball themed sports bar in all of Seattle. Originally founded in 1998, folks have been congregating here before Mariner’s games, or in lieu of a trip to the Stadium, for years. The food is your typical pub grub, but that’s not the main attraction. Many come to Sluggers for the environment and camaraderie. There’re all sorts of awesome baseball memorabilia to check out, and some pictures of famous ball players that have visited the bar. But beware, this place is about a city block’s length and it gets absolutely packed on game day, which means it can get a little loud.

Happy Hour: Sluggers is another pre-game spot with some truly incredible happy hour deals. Monday-Friday from 3-7pm (that’s a long one!) features $2 domestics, $3 microbrews, $3 well drinks, plus Half-price appetizers!

There you have it! If you’re not able to find a good spot to pre-game the next Mariner’s game, then you're a lost cause. Really, any of these spots would be suitable for slugging down a few beers, but hopefully, our list illustrates that each of these spots offer a little more than your average slug-zone. From the food to the drinks, the deals, and the people, each of the spots on our list is great for local fans coming together to celebrate our team!

If you’re looking for other ways to celebrate the Mariner’s, Simply Seattle is chock full of awesome Mariner’s gear. Whether you’re at the game, at your favorite watering hole, or just at home, Simply Seattle Mariners gear is the perfect way to show your team pride.

Check out our collection of Mariner’s gear today!

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