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What Team Should the Sonics Play in the First Game Back in Seattle?

What Team Should the Sonics Play in the First Game Back in Seattle?

We posed this question to Sonics fans a few weeks back. For obvious reasons, the first Sonics game back in Seattle is going to be a special one. As such, our opponent should reflect the significance of the game. Here are our top 4 choices for who to bring in for the opener.


Oklahoma City

The overwhelming pick from Sonics fans on social media was Oklahoma City. For glaring reasons, OKC is an obvious choice. The attitude that Sonics fans have for the team from the Sooner State falls anywhere from acute dislike to full-on hate. Just imagine the intensity of the crowd when OKC walks onto the floor or when they miss a shot during the game. Deafening. This matchup would go crazy.



A Portland/Seattle season opener just makes sense. The Sonics and Blazers were bitter rivals for almost 40 years and produced some classic battles over the decades. The cities’ proximity to each other means that we could expect a fair amount of red and black in the building. A split crowd and the resumption of a classic rivalry – this one would be fun.


The Lakers

Want to go big? Bring in the NBA’s most historic franchise. Since the Lakers are a fellow west coast organization with a long history of beating up on Seattle, an opening night win over LA would be a sweet one. If Lebron James is still wearing the purple and gold, the moment becomes even bigger.


The West Coast’s Best Team

Why not try and reignite a fun regional rivalry? If teams like the Warriors, Suns, or Jazz are still at the top of the West when the Sonics return, there’s an argument to be made for one of them to be our opening night opponent. The Sonics first game back only happens once – may as well bring on the best.


Regardless of what team ends up flying in for the Sonics home opener, it’ll be one hell of a night. We can’t wait to experience it.

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