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Get a $20 hoodie, give 20 meals

Get a $20 hoodie, give 20 meals

The COVID-19 pandemic has been rough on small businesses throughout Seattle, the state and nationwide. 

As one of those small businesses forced to rethink our model in the midst of global pandemic, we feel fortunate that our community has shown up to support us time and time again.

But, while we’ve been fortunate to get your support, there are others who need assistance. Prior to the pandemic, Food Lifeline was able to donate more than 60 million pounds of food each year to more than 300 food banks, shelters and meal programs.

When the pandemic hit, though, 70 percent of the donated food streams dried up overnight as more than 560,000 people lost their jobs in our region. 

With so many people only one paycheck away from food insecurity, we’ve partnered with Food Lifeline to help through our Get A $20 Hoodie, Give 20 Meals campaign.

Our goal is to use $4 of every Simply Seattle $20 hoodie purchased over the next 20 days to raise the money to provide 20,000 meals for Food Lifeline.

And, spread the word on social using the hashtag: #2020hoodies.

Let’s team up one more time in 2020 to help those in need.

Click the link for our $20 hoodies page.


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