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Free Seattle Masks and Face Coverings

As we navigate through these uncertain times, we’ve all had to adjust to new facets of life - social distancing, business closures, mask requirements, etc. Masks are likely here to stay, and even after the COVID-19 crises subsides, it’s feasible that masks remain part of our daily lives well into the future. Yet some of the prices being charged for masks and face coverings are quite high – often upwards of $20 for a single mask. Staying safe and looking out for others shouldn’t have to break the bank.


In light of this new frontier, we’ve decided to put energy towards addressing what is certain to become a pressing need: affordable masks from local Seattle companies. We’re partnering with a local Seattle manufacturer to provide thousands of masks for FREE. Choose from a large selection of 20+ masks, including Seattle-themed masks, Orca masks, Seattle sports masks, Pike Place Market masks and other fun designs! This offer extends beyond just Washington State, we’re shipping masks to anyone in the country that would like one. We’ll ship any number of masks to you for $4.99 shipping and handling /mask, which covers our bottom line and helps keep our staff employed. 


Thank you all for your sustained support, your continued generosity allows us to spend energy on initiatives like this one. Stay safe and pick up a free mask today!


The team at Simply Seattle 



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