Hyrdascape Mt Rainier Long Sticker

Hyrdascape Mt Rainier Long Sticker

This sticker is a tribute to our favorite season, including powdery pillows and deep ski tracks, with Washington’s iconic Mount Rainier standing tall in the background. 
This durable, one-of-a-kind sticker is designed to wrap around itself to create an
INFINITE LANDSCAPE on any size of bottle! As you rotate your bottle, you will see no beginning and no end to your sticker- just a colorful, unique landscape!This sticker also looks awesome on skis, boards, cars, coolers, racks and beyond!This sticker is 3.25”x25”
 *Bottle Not included
quality vinyl • waterproof • dishwasher safe • UV resistant
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How To:

Apply your your Sticker to any surface:

1. Determine your placement on a CLEAN & DRY surface in a climate above 50° 

2, RUB your sticker on a thoroughly.

2.  (optional) HEAT it with a BLOW DRYER while pressing it down to add EXTRA STRENGTH.

3. For SKIS, BOARDS & BOATS, let it cure for at least a day before taking it out to your playground.