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Seattle’s quintessential rainy season (ie, ten months out of the year) is officially underway, and with it, the cold. Now, Seattleites don’t generally have a problem with the rain. It’s in our blood, and we can wander the streets with a smile even when it’s pouring. That being said, we also know how to have a fantastic time avoiding the rain, and the city’s got a little bit of something for everybody when it comes to great indoor entertainment.

So here’s a list of our top 7 places to have a good time on a rainy day in Seattle:

1.) Start out the holiday season by warming up with a hot toddy

And because I can’t limit my fav to just one, I’ll give you three options that are sure to sleigh ;) And they’re all within a one block radius of Pike Place Market.

First, you’ll want to hit up Rachel’s Ginger Beer for a new take on the classic: the blood orange hot toddy. If you’re not feeling like you necessarily need a hot drink, any of her other handcrafted ginger beer cocktails are dangerously delicious as well. I personally recommend the Porch swing for my fellow gin drinkers out there, but she’s got options for every classic liquor-infused ginger beer your heart desires.

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