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Wheedle vs. Squatch

Wheedle vs. Squatch

You can only have one: Wheedle or Squatch?

For anyone who isn’t a Sonics fan, the answer would probably be something like … “What are we talking about here?”

But, for anyone who grew up around the Green and Gold, well, they probably have an opinion.

To start, let’s take a look back at the history of the two Sonics mascots. The Wheedle – a character created through the book “Wheedle on the Needle” – was round and furry and typical of other mascots of its time. 

The Wheedle debuted in 1978 and was a part of the franchise through 1985, meaning the Wheedle is the only team mascot to be part of a championship season in 1979.

After the Wheedle’s run came to an end, the team didn’t unveil a new mascot until 1993. 

Squatch was a high-flying homage to Sasquatch was known for his above-the-rim entertainment and was the team’s mascot until the day our franchise was stolen. 

For many, the choice between Wheedle or Squatch most likely comes down to the era they were watching the team. The Wheedle was long gone before I ever watched a Sonics game, so I’d lean toward Squatch, though the Wheedle does have a more whimsical quality. 

Another bonus for Squatch is the mascot’s persona fit the style of play the Sonics featured during the Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp era. Kemp would provide the highlight-reel dunks during the game and Squatch would show off some acrobatics during breaks in the action. 

But, the Wheedle should get credit for being the original Sonics mascot.

Whichever side you land on – Wheedle or Squatch – let us know and vote below.

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