The Top 10 Dog Parks in Seattle, WA

The Top 10 Dog Parks in Seattle WA

In case you haven’t already heard, it’s season of the dog here at Simply Seattle. Fall has returned and so has our 12th Dog Contest along with it. The contest is simply our search for The Emerald City’s most devoted four-legged Seahawks fan. All you’ve got to to do is submit photos of your dog dressed up in Hawks gear, there’s a $12 donation to enter - all donations go to Seattle Humane Society - and you could win a dream Seahawks weekend for two! Don't worry - if you need Seahawks Gear for your Pooch, we've got you covered! 

So, in order to spread the word, and to celebrate our 12th Dog Contest, we thought we’d highlight the Top 10 Dog Parks in Seattle...just in case your pooch needs a little exercise before their 12th dog photo shoot.

1. Warren G. Magnuson Park

Warren G. Magnuson Park

Warren G. Magnuson Park in North East Seattle is easily #1 of our Top 10 Dog-friendly Parks in Seattle. It’s certainly the most popular and most widely used off-leash dog park in the city. It’s easy to see why - the already massive park features a 9-acre off-leash area, the biggest area in the city, and the only one in Seattle with water access. Magnuson is the best spot in town to take your four-legged friend for a swim.

2. Lower Woodland Off Leash area

Lower Woodland Off Leash area

Woodland Park is a fantastic city park in its own right - but it’s reputation is greatly aided by the inclusion of a 1+ acre off-leash dog park. The Off-leash area is a tad small, but it features a massive hill, great for exercise, with a nice view of the rest of the park from the top. If you and your pooch need some extra exercise post off-leash romp, just leash ‘em up and enjoy a stroll the Woodland Park’s 90+ acres of trails and ballfields.

3. Golden Gardens Off-Leash Dog Park

Golden Gardens Off-Leash Dog Park

Golden Gardens, located in the Northwest Corner of Seattle, is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts in and around Seattle. Dog owners love the hiking and the views, while their dogs love the 1+ acre off leash area in the northern portion of the park. It’s a nice open space covered in wood chips that are ideal for running, fetching, and general roughhousing. There’s also a separate area for smaller and more timid pooches. The surrounding landscape and trails certainly don’t hurt this park's reputation as one of the premier outdoor spots in the Emerald City.

4. Dr. Jose Rizal Park

Dr. Jose Rizal Park

Dr. Jose Rizal Park, named for a famous Filipino Patriot, is located just south of Downtown Seattle, on the north end of Beacon Hill. One of the larger off-leash areas in Seattle, Rizal Park has 4 whole acres dedicated to dogs. From the park, you can spy picturesque views of the Seattle skyline and Elliott Bay. If your four-legged friend grows tired of roaming around with other pooches, you can take them for a stroll on one of the many trails that traverse the park.

5. Regrade Park - Belltown off leash dog park

Regrade Park - Belltown off leash dog park

If you’re a Seattleite living in Downtown Seattle and you have a dog, it’s likely you already know about Regrade Park. This “Micro” off-leash dog park (.3 acres) located at 3rd and Bell, may not be the most natural option for getting your pooch some exercise, but it’s still a fun place for them to socialize. And don’t worry - there are 5-foot fences around the perimeter of the park and a convenient double-gate system that keeps your pooch safe and far from traffic.

6. Blue Dog Pond Park

Blue Dog Pond Park

Located in Southeast Seattle, near I-90, Blue Dog Pond Park is named for the large sculpture of a blue dog that’s located there. The park offers 1.7 acres of off-leash area, making it perfect for fetch and running around. There’s also a grassy hill that’s great for doggy exercise. However, the park is a catchment area for excess water, so it can get a tad muddy during the rainier months.

7. WestCrest Park off Leash Area

WestCrest Park off Leash Area

Located just west of Boeing field in SouthWest Seattle, WestCrest’s off-leash area takes 2nd place for the largest off-leash area in the city, coming in at 8.4 acres. The park was originally created in 1999 and features a ton of paths, open spaces, a doggie drinking fountain, and a separate area for smaller pups.

8. Genesee Park and PlayGround

Genesee Park and PlayGround

Genesee Park and Playground, located in Southeast Seattle just south of the Hydroplane Pits and just to the west of Seward Park on Lake Washington, is 2.7 acres and is entirely fenced with two double-gated entrances. Keeping an eye on your four-legged friend is a cinch in this big flat area - and it’s quite secure. The center of the doggy area is covered in gravel, which keeps your pup clean during the rainy months. There’s also a doggie drinking fountain.

9. Plymouth Pillars Park

Plymouth Pillars Park

Located in Capitol Hill, Plymouth Pillars Park is another ‘Micro’ off-leash area, coming in at a whopping .2 acres. This narrow park makes a great option for city dwellers looking to give their dog a little R n’ R without having to travel far. There’s a unique doggie drinking fountain and most of the park is gravel, which makes it mud free during the rainy months - but heads up, the gravel may be rough on your pups paws if they’re a little sensitive.

10. Magnolia Manor

Magnolia Manor

Magnolia Manor Park is located in the far western end of Seattle in the Magnolia neighborhood. The park is technically part of a bigger parcel that’s owned and operated by Seattle Public Utilities. In 1995, the Magnolia Reservoir was replaced with a structure housed underground as part of the City’s Reservoir Covering Program. The reservoir, now surrounded with a chain link fence, functions as a 21,000 sq.ft off-leash zone with a game area and dog drinking fountain. In addition, the park has Magnolia’s first P-Patch, and there are spectacular views of the Puget Sound.

We love the 12th Dog Contest! It’s how we celebrate our two favorite things in the world - Seahawks football and adorable pups - while supporting an incredibly noble cause - the Seattle Humane Society. The Emerald City is a great place for dogs, as evidenced by the top 10 dog-friendly parks in Seattle (there’re more than 10 off-leash parks in the city, FYI).

It’s all things Dog right now at Simply Seattle. If you’re looking for special Seahawks gear, or if you need 'Hawks gear for your dog, or you'd like to enter our 12th Dog competition, visit today!