5 Reasons the NBA needs to Bring ‘Em Back

Written by Paul Johnson


1.     Everyone Likes Money, and Seattle Has a Lot

Brace yourself; I’m in the senior year of a finance degree at University of Washington, which means I’ll soon be officially licensed to bore you to death with facts about money. I’ll do my best to keep this part short and sweet.

If Seattle had an NBA franchise today, it would have the 11th largest GDP among NBA cities. For those who are put off by my use of an acronym, that just means that Seattle has the 11th largest economy. The NBA would make so much money if they put a team in Seattle, but internal politics have kept them from doing so thus far.

The NBA would make so much money if they put a team in Seattle

One of the most basic rules of investing is that when you have a good investment opportunity, you want to buy in early so that your money can grow along with whatever you chose to invest in (who needs Edward Jones when you have Simply Seattle articles?). As Seattle continues to grow, every day that the NBA fails to invest in our city means less growth for any potential investment in the future. The NBA would still make money if they waited, but now would be an ideal time to make that commitment to one of America’s most prosperous cities.

Are you convinced? Give me a spreadsheet and an hour with some NBA exec’s, and I’m sure they will be, too.


2.     Deleting the SuperSonics is Deleting NBA History

If you’ve read or even just heard of George Orwell’s 1984, then you know how dangerous it can be when a governing body tries to delete history from the books and push a new narrative that drives its own agenda. That’s just what the NBA has done with the SuperSonics. At this point, you might be wondering if I’m a conspiracy theorist or if you should stop reading right now because I might go off the deep end and never resurface. Rest assured, I’m not a truther; I’m a basketball fan.

In sports, skill is something that you can appreciate in the moment, but greatness is something that needs to be appreciated over time (history). In other words, you can figure out who the best player in the NBA is by watching some games, but you need history if you want to crown a player as the G.O.A.T.

He splashed more 3’s in Seattle than in either Boston or Miami.
— On Ray Allen as a Sonic

In a show of athletic debauchery, he NBA has resolved to shove the SuperSonics brand under the rug in order to cement OKC as the new home of our team, but at what cost? We’ve already established that history is critical to appreciating greatness, so what happens to the Hall of Fame careers of Payton and Kemp? What happens to the ’79 championship team with the likes of “Downtown” Freddy Brown and Jack Sikma? What of legendary coach Lenny Wilkens? Ray Allen has made the most 3’s of any player in NBA history, and many young fans probably assume he hit most of those during his time with the Celtics and Heat, but those people are wrong. He splashed more 3’s in Seattle than in either Boston or Miami.


NBA history ought to be respected and remembered. The greats of today are standing on the shoulders of giants, and those giants of the game deserve to be in the spotlight. Anything less is intellectual dishonesty. The NBA ought to put the spotlight back on the harrowing plays and mad moments that happened in Seattle jerseys, and Seattle needs a team for that to happen.

3.     The Sonics can be Seattle’s Avengers


By far my favorite title in this article, point three is important to because it allows for justice in an unjust situation. I’m not advocating that the SuperSonics come back from the dead and embark on a journey of revenge on Howard Schultz like Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant (although, beating OKC would be pretty sweet). I’m saying that a whole city has been, quite literally, disenfranchised.


That sounds bad, but there is hope. Victory is sweetest after going through adversity, and the night is always darkest before the dawn. That’s why every movie, book, and story present a problem that the protagonist needs to solve. Usually, the more dire the situation, the more satisfying the ending. Seattle won an NBA Championship (which is more than you can say for OKC or Howard Schultz), but that was a long time ago. We are in the midst of a 40-year NBA Championship drought, and the last ten have been the most dire. Seattle’s NBA story is just begging for a triumphant conclusion. Any basketball fan – or even any sports fan – would admit that a new team and a fresh NBA championship for Seattle would be one of the greatest athletic narratives ever written.


4.     The Seattle Fans are Hungry


Seattle is known for having some of the loudest fans in the world. The Sounders were immediately greeted with one of the best fanbases in the MLS, and big Seahawks home games regularly register on the Richter scale. The renovations currently underway at Key Arena and the subsequent arrival of the Seattle NHL team in 2021 will create even more buzz. I have no doubt that attending NHL games will whet the appetite of Seattle fans for the wild atmosphere that comes with games in an enclosed arena. There’s something about being close to the players and the action that you just can’t replicate, even at a venue like Century Link.

 If that isn’t proof that Seattle is hungry, I’m not sure what is.

5.     Simply Seattle is ready for the Return


Speaking of our Pioneer Square store, its shameless plug time. Did you know that the Simply Seattle store at Pioneer Square has the largest selection of SuperSonics gear in the world? Well you do now. We’ve got jerseys from some of your favorite players as well as team apparel to keep you in that Sonics fit all spring and summer. We miss the glory days, and (if you couldn’t tell from the article) we want them to come back ASAP. Until they do, we remain a beacon of hope for the Sonics faithful. We are the Mecca of SuperSonics pride, and we would love to see you come to Pioneer Square and check us out!

Still don’t think Seattle Needs a team back? Just ask Squatch!


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