The Seattle Mariners T-Shirt and Gear by Simply Seattle

We’re already a little more than halfway through the regular season, but there is still plenty of time to gear up and show your Mariners Pride.  If you’re looking for a little gear update to help you stay #TrueToTheBlue through the rest of the Season, Simply Seattle, the Emerald City’s #1 spot for Seattle Souvenirs online, has a few goodies that are right up your alley.

Here are our nine best Seattle Mariners items that every true fan must have!

1. The Greatest Ever Tee

Seattle Mariners Class of 2016 T-shirt

With Griffey freshly inducted into the 2016 Baseball Hall of Fame, there’s never been a better time to don this Mariners T-shirt. Ken Griffey Jr. is one of the most legendary Mariners to have ever played, with 630 home runs under his belt, and Simply Seattle is proud to celebrate his remarkable career with our Greatest Ever Tee.

2. "The Kid" Hall Of Fame Tee

The Kid Seattle Mariners T-Shirt

...And moving on to our 2nd Ken Griffey Jr. Item, Simply Seattle’s “The Kid” Hall of Fame Tee is another great way of celebrating Griffey's Hall of Fame induction while still sporting a Mariners T-shirt with the classic M’s colors. A double whammy! Nicknamed The Kid, Ken Griffey Jr. was known for his signature smile and backward cap, both of which Simply Seattle is proud to include on this Mariners T-Shirt.

3. Seattle Bomb Squad Mens Tank

Seattle Bomb Squad Mens Tank

Bombs Away! If you’re looking to show off your guns while reaching out for that fly-ball, we’ve got just the Mariners T-shirt for you!

4. The Trident Mens Tank

The Trident Mens Tank Seattle WA’s a navy tank with a baseball and a green trident! If you call yourself a true Mariners fan, and you’re not foaming at the mouth over this epic tank top, then it’s probably time for you to take a long hard look in the mirror! It doesn’t get more #TrueToTheBlue than this!

5. KingDome Strideline Socks

KingDome Strideline Socks Seattle WA

The KingDome housed every one of Seattle’s professional sports franchises at one time or another. These socks are Simply Seattle’s modest way of giving Mariners fans both young and old a stylish way of remembering this iconic Seattle Arena.

6.Light Blue Throwback Mariners Skyline Socks

Light Blue Throwback Mariners Skyline Socks.png

Kick it into Throwback mode with this blast from the past! Our Throwback Skyline Socks are a piece of Seattle Mariners gear that’ll surely activate the nostalgia in some of our more well-seasoned Mariners fans. These socks are Simply Seattle’s homage to a time before Safeco when names like Griffey, Edgar, Bone, and Johnson graced the Kingdome.

7. Navy & Teal Mariners Skyline Socks

Navy & Teal Mariners Skyline Socks

Rounding out our triple play of footwear is Simply Seattle’s Navy & Teal Mariners Skyline Socks. Every true Mariners fan knows that you have to sport Seattle Mariners gear from head to toe. These socks come emblazoned with the Seattle Skyline, giving you an extra bit of Emerald city cred.   

8.The King Tee

The King Tee Seattle WA

Looking to don your most courtly attire for your upcoming stead in the King’s Court? We’ve got just the Mariner’s T-shirt for you! True Mariners fans will appreciate this homage to King Felix Hernandez, the M’s starting pitcher, and Simply Seattle is proud to partake in the fan appreciation!

9. M’s Townie Shades

M's Townie Shades Seattle WA

It’s hard to catch a pop-fly when the sun's in your eyes. If you need to block out those harmful rays when you're trying to snag that homerun your next time at Safeco, our M’s Townie Shades are perfect for staying cool while supporting your favorite team! What other kinds of shades would a true M’s fan wear?

Whether you want to celebrate the Mariners’ past, present, or future, Simply Seattle has all the Seattle Mariners Gear to dress true M’s fans to the nines. Typically, supporting your favorite team by buying and wearing their apparel can cost you a pretty penny. But at Simply Seattle, you can get the best styles printed on high-quality, comfy materials without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for Seattle Mariners Gear to help you outwardly express the love and joy for the Mariners you feel on the inside, visit Simply Seattle today!