Can you remember that special day? You jump out of bed early, throw on your gear, position your cap just so (Griffey-style) and grab  your baseball glove, your favorite possession in the whole world. Dad is taking you to your first big league ball game.

You’ve watched them on tv and their posters hang from the bedroom walls… but today you’ll see them in person.  He points out the stadium before you even get there. It’s big, but it just keeps getting bigger. You literally leap out of your seat, the car still rolling into place. Music is playing. There is laughter, excitement, electricity and the sweet aroma of all things good in the world rolled into one wonderful scent that will live with you forever.

Dad lets you hand the ticket to the “Gate Keeper”  he smiles and gives you back a stub.  To you it’s more than that!.  It’s your lucky stub that is immediately squirreled away in a lint filled pocket for keepsakes. You manage to  pull Dad up the steps although you're somehow floating. And then you’re there. Everything is bigger than life. The grass goes on forever, it’s the perfect contrast to the electric white uniforms of the bigger-than-life players that were waiting just for you. It’s a tidal wave that washes over your senses. Everything is magnified… the sights, the sounds, the smells.

You’ve walked into a dream. It’s spring and baseball is upon us! Whether you plan on making memories this year for your little one or simply feel it’s time to unleash the inner child in you, there’s no better time or place than Safeco Field, one of the true crown jewels of baseball.

Ball Parks of describes Safeco Field this way;

“...a beautiful ballpark that never tries to get too gimmicky or detract from the focus being the game itself. The exterior is your typical retro ballpark brick, but it's elegant and feels almost like you're about to step into a cathedral. The interior architecture lends itself well towards the general feel of Seattle, rich in many lush hues of green.”

Opening Day - Party With A Purpose

Our Mariners’ Home Opener this year is April 8th against division rival Oakland Athletics at 7 pm. However, you don’t have to wait until then to party like it’s 1995 all over again!

Simply Seattle has partnered with our friends at Pyramid Alehouse in Seattle to throw the ultimate Opening Day Party before the game. $25 get you this Exclusive Limited Edition Opening Day Tee and a voucher good for a beer in Pyramid's

Beer Garden before the game. The best part of all, $10 from every shirt sold is going to benefit Project Violet at Fred Hutch. Join us on April 8 from 2-7pm at the corner of Martinez and Niehaus Way.

Simply Seattle is the go-to place for all the latest Seattle sports gear. They can literally dress you from the tip of your toes to the top of your head.

Do you remember “REFUSE TO LOSE” and “MY OH MY”.  How about “Edgaaar”, “ The Kid” and the “Bone”? Of course you do, so get out the rye bread and mustard and join us for the celebration!

Memories are why the game of baseball never gets old.