12th Dog Leaderboard (10/14/15)

Will it be a monkey, a penguin, an otter, a pig or an actual dog? Come December 18, we'll know for sure who's going to win the 12th Dog Contest. In the meantime here's the Top 20 on this weeks leaderboard. Nearly 20,000 votes have been cast and with 145 total entries the contest is still wide open for anyone to win. Keep voting and sharing with your friends. www.simplyseattle.com/12thdog

Featured Dog - 12th Dog Pyramid

Featured Dog - 12th Dog Pyramid

The Top 20

1. Running Back Rainey
2. Reese Lightning
3. Luna The "Lunatic"
4. Maddog Lola
5. Zoe Hawk
6. Abby Rose
7. Max Mode
8. Rusty Wilson
9. Kona and Scout
10. Ella #ellathepug
11. Vinny Mode!
12. Koko
13. Charlie
14. Legion of Bark
15. Cloverville Bruiser
16. Gotti
17. Dach Hawk Kleo
18. Leonidas
19. Maeshawn Lynch
20. Feature 12th Man!

Don't see your dog on the list? Don't worry!!! Votes are continuing to pour in and there is still plenty of time. Encourage your network to vote once per day. As always, a huge Thank You on behalf of Simply Seattle and PAWS for supporting and protecting animals in and around Seattle.

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