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The legend of Bigfoot is always growing and changing. Just this last week, a woman blamed her highway collision with a deer on a Bigfoot-like creature that was supposedly crossing the road, attempting to catch the deer. Of course, her story can be neither confirmed nor denied, but it does illustrate one thing for sure: the public’s curiosity surrounding the legend of Bigfoot has persisted and grown since the story was first told. Heck, there’s even a huge Music Festival named after him!

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Yowie, Wendigo, Skunk Ape...they’re all different regional names for the same wild, ape-like creature that all sorts of folks have been searching and attempting to build evidence for. At Simply Seattle, we are also unable to confirm or deny the existence of Bigfoot, but we know just how special the Legend is to the people of the Emerald City and the Pacific Northwest in general, which is why we’ve put together this little Bigfoot breakdown for you. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to head out into the wilderness and capture a grainy video of the mysterious creature. To satisfy your curiosities until then, here are 6 things you might not have known about the Legend of Bigfoot.

Almost Every Culture has a story of a Bigfoot-like Creature

We touched on it before with the various names for Bigfoot, but you might be surprised to hear that almost every culture on the face of the earth has their own version of the Bigfoot legend. Yes, stories of a fur-covered wildmen exist on every single continent except antarctica, and most of those stores date back to indigenous people who lived prior to modern civilization.

Having said that, the legend Bigfoot is definitely a Pacific-Northwest thing. Almost ⅓ of all modern day Bigfoot sightings come from this area, and the Halkomelem and Coast Salish peoples are widely credited with the term ‘sasquatch’ and the first recorded tales of the creature's existence.

Over Half of Americans Believe it’s True

The universality of the Bigfoot story is particularly interesting for both skeptics and believers, because both groups cite it as evidence for their own arguments. Believers will say that more sightings equal more proof, and that the creature must be more widespread than we originally thought. Skeptics, on the other hand will say the opposite; that it only further proves that people are just interested in making up stories about hairy ape-like creatures living in the wild, and that each sighting only goes to show how much of a hoax the Bigfoot story really is.

Whether you come down on the side of skeptic or believer, it may shock you to learn that over half of all americans believe that Bigfoot is alive and well out roaming the woods somewhere, and we just haven’t come across him yet.

Many See Bigfoot or Sasquatch as a Good Guy

Sure, we understand why a huge, hairy wild-man would inspire fear. In many ways, the idea of Bigfoot is inherently scary, but mostly because it’s just so mysterious. How would you feel if you came across one in the wild? It’s doubtful that you would run up to it and ask for a selfie.

In fact, many native stories about Sasquatch characterize him as a benevolent creature, a guardian of the forest. But, just like many of the modern day tales about Bigfoot, there are many discrepancies between the different indigenous stories surrounding the creature. Some state that Bigfoot belonged to a tribe similar to the natives, that he was a man who had friends, relatives, and loved-ones, and that he spoke the local languages. Other’s seem to think that Bigfoot is a benevolent forest spirit that’s as old as the Earth itself, and that he only shows up on behalf of mother nature. But both the Coast Salish and the Wenatchee nations have versions of the tale that characterize Bigfoot as a friend of man, or at the very least, uninterested in harming people. Still, there are just as many stories that characterize him as a scary monster-like figure, but at Simply Seattle, we prefer the story of the benevolent tree-hugger a little more.  

Almost Everyone Agrees on Bigfoot’s physical Prowess

Aside from the Orang Pendek, the Sumatran version of a Bigfoot-like-critter that’s only a few feet tall, almost every culture’s version of Bigfoot characterizes the creature as big, fast, and hairy.

Bigfoot’s height averages out at around 8.5 feet tall, well above that of any person that has claimed to witness them. They are also clocked at a running speed of about 35 miles per hour, putting them well ahead of Usain Bolt, a T-Rex, and any other sort of comparable primate that currently exists.

One thing that almost every version of Bigfoot does agree on, regardless of when or where the story originated, is the hair. One of the distinct characteristics of Bigfoot that you’ll find in almost every version of the legend is that the creature is reportedly covered head-to-toe in reddish-brown fur. The fur is important because, aside from every other feature we’ve talked about here - the height, speed, nature, Bigfoot’s fur is what makes him distinctly non-human, and it’s one of the only characteristics that connects the different legends from across the world together.

There Have been a Number of Proposed Scientific Explanations for Bigfoot

There’s quite the difference between a Bigfoot believer, and a Bigfoot believer with a background in hard science. Sure, many of Bigfoot’s detractors and skeptics come from the scientific community, which doesn’t lend much credence to the story, overall.

Still, there are others, who do have a strong background in science, that have posited some pretty interesting scientific explanations for the creature. Rather than being a manifestation of some sort of supernatural force, or a missing link in the evolutionary chain, many scientists have offered the explanation that Bigfoot is just another animal, and one that we probably already know about.

Some proponents believed that Bigfoot could be a long-dormant population of Gigantopithecus, a mammoth prehistoric ape for which fossil evidence has been found in Asia. The only catch is that, if this were true, the giant ape would have had to cross the Bering land bridge, which is unlikely, and no fossils of the creature have been found in the americas.

Others believe that it is another extinct primate more closely related to humans. The Paranthropus Robustus, an early hominin native to Africa, has been suggested as a candidate, as has the Meganthropus, another hominid whose remnants have been found all over the world.

You Can Get all of Your Bigfoot Swag at Simply Seattle

There are many aspects of the Bigfoot legend that are altogether shrouded in mystery, and that’s part of what makes it so exciting. But, there is one definite truth that you can cling to: Simply Seattle is your go-to spot for all things Bigfoot!

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Whatever you hear about the Bigfoot legend, whether it’s fact, fiction, speculation, or total make-believe, we can all agree that Bigfoot, in all his mystery, has captured the hearts and minds of folks from all over the world. If you’re on the hunt for some epic Seattle gear to celebrate and remember this Pacific-NorthWest Mascot you know where to go.

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Meet Billie the Piggybank!

Most Seattleites and tourists alike know Rachel the Piggybank. She lives right underneath the iconic “Public Market Center” clock and sign and stands proudly in front of the fish mongers of Pike Place Market. Needless to say, Rachel gets a lot of attention!

Rachel’s fame often overshadows her lesser-known cousin, Billie the Piggybank, who sits on Western Avenue. Billie is slightly younger than her cousin Rachel (she arrived in Pike Place Market in 2011, while Rachel made her first appearance in 1986). Besides providing a convenient place to meet someone in the crowded Market and a great photo-op, both Rachel and Billie play an even more important role for Pike Place Market: every day they collect donations of dollars and coins from passerby, which help sustain the work of Pike Place Market Foundation.

Bringing home the bacon!

Established in 1982, The Market Foundation has granted more than $26 Million to provide housing, healthcare, healthy food, childcare and a community of support to our most vulnerable neighbors. Rachel and Billie’s donations contribute to a thriving, caring Market community for seniors and families. Last year, these two piggybanks collected nearly $30,000 – that’s what we call “bringing home the bacon!” Read more about The Market Foundation here.

While the occasional tourist or local might stumble upon Billie for a photo or to drop a bill in her coin slot, unfortunately Billie doesn’t get enough attention in her current home on Western Avenue. But soon, that’s about to change. Pike Place Market is growing with the new MarketFront expansion, currently under construction on Western Avenue and scheduled to open summer 2017. The new MarketFront will add 35,000 square feet to the public Market, adding more local shops, restaurants, low-income housing, and a public plaza for locals and visitors to enjoy unobstructed views of the Puget Sound. And starting on December 16, 2016, the new MarketFront plaza will be Billie the Piggybank’s new home!

Vote for Billie as your favorite 12th Ham

You can help pave the way for Billie the Piggybank’s big move to the new MarketFront. Write your name on Market Charms or a Bronze Hoofprint, which will be displayed on the new MarketFront. Your donation helps complete the new MarketFront project and leaves your family legacy at Pike Place Market. Or, simply vote for Billie as your favorite 12th Ham and send her to a Seahawks game in style! Either way you’re supporting Billie and Pike Place Market.

For more information about the new MarketFront, please click here. For information on Market Charms and Hoofprints, please visit:

PS: If you can't get enough of the market, check out our Best of Pike Place Gift Baskets.

The 12th Dog Contest Barks On

We're approaching the halfway mark of the 2016 12th Dog Contest and things are heating up. With up to 75 entries and over 7,000 votes, the race to elect this year's 12th Dog is wide open. THE BEST NEWS, besides giving away a Dream Seahawks Weekend, is that together we've helped raise OVER $1,000 for Seattle Humane. A HUGE thank you to our sponsors. Make sure you don't miss out on these great offers!

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After years of being in the dog care service, owners Ben & Dawn Ford decided to "switch gears" and combine their passion for dogs with their passion for providing a fun and unique way of reaching out to the crazy dog lovers in the Pacific Northwest...In 2014, The Seattle Barkery was born in 2014, providing hand crafted treats and gourmet coffee to go on their vintage 1968 converted food truck! You will see Buster (the truck) cruising all over Seattle on a daily basis parking at all the hot dog spots in the city! Enter your dog and you'll receive a free treat for your dog.

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Can you remember that special day? You jump out of bed early, throw on your gear, position your cap just so (Griffey-style) and grab  your baseball glove, your favorite possession in the whole world. Dad is taking you to your first big league ball game.

You’ve watched them on tv and their posters hang from the bedroom walls… but today you’ll see them in person.  He points out the stadium before you even get there. It’s big, but it just keeps getting bigger. You literally leap out of your seat, the car still rolling into place. Music is playing. There is laughter, excitement, electricity and the sweet aroma of all things good in the world rolled into one wonderful scent that will live with you forever.

Dad lets you hand the ticket to the “Gate Keeper”  he smiles and gives you back a stub.  To you it’s more than that!.  It’s your lucky stub that is immediately squirreled away in a lint filled pocket for keepsakes. You manage to  pull Dad up the steps although you're somehow floating. And then you’re there. Everything is bigger than life. The grass goes on forever, it’s the perfect contrast to the electric white uniforms of the bigger-than-life players that were waiting just for you. It’s a tidal wave that washes over your senses. Everything is magnified… the sights, the sounds, the smells.

You’ve walked into a dream. It’s spring and baseball is upon us! Whether you plan on making memories this year for your little one or simply feel it’s time to unleash the inner child in you, there’s no better time or place than Safeco Field, one of the true crown jewels of baseball.

Ball Parks of Baseball.com describes Safeco Field this way;

“...a beautiful ballpark that never tries to get too gimmicky or detract from the focus being the game itself. The exterior is your typical retro ballpark brick, but it's elegant and feels almost like you're about to step into a cathedral. The interior architecture lends itself well towards the general feel of Seattle, rich in many lush hues of green.”

Opening Day - Party With A Purpose

Our Mariners’ Home Opener this year is April 8th against division rival Oakland Athletics at 7 pm. However, you don’t have to wait until then to party like it’s 1995 all over again!

Simply Seattle has partnered with our friends at Pyramid Alehouse in Seattle to throw the ultimate Opening Day Party before the game. $25 get you this Exclusive Limited Edition Opening Day Tee and a voucher good for a beer in Pyramid's

Beer Garden before the game. The best part of all, $10 from every shirt sold is going to benefit Project Violet at Fred Hutch. Join us on April 8 from 2-7pm at the corner of Martinez and Niehaus Way.

Simply Seattle is the go-to place for all the latest Seattle sports gear. They can literally dress you from the tip of your toes to the top of your head.

Do you remember “REFUSE TO LOSE” and “MY OH MY”.  How about “Edgaaar”, “ The Kid” and the “Bone”? Of course you do, so get out the rye bread and mustard and join us for the celebration!

Memories are why the game of baseball never gets old.

12th Dog Leaderboard (12/10/14)

It's here. The last 12th Dog Update before the big winner is announced next Friday, December 18. It's kind of like the Seahawks 'The Day Before The Day Before'. People are excited and the puppies can hardly contain themselves. Just eight days of voting left before we crown this years 12th Dog and give away a Dream Seahawks Weekend!

Thank You For Caring For Animals

You've helped raised over $2,000 for PAWS and we'd just like to say - You're Awesome!!! If you haven't taken the time yet to peruse the PAWS website, you should. As an organization they are doing some wonderful things in our community.

 12th Dog Kevin Bacon has his game face on.

12th Dog Kevin Bacon has his game face on.

The Top 20 Leaderboard

The race for the top remains close. Below is the current leaderboard as it sits right now. Please note that all votes will be reviewed according to the contest rules to make sure they are valid prior to announcing the winners. Remember, we're picking 5 winners total.

  1. Feature 12th Man!
  2. Running Back Rainey
  3. Maddog Lola
  4. Reese Lightning
  5. Abby Rose
  6. Luna the "Lunatic"
  7. Ella #ellathepug
  8. Charlie
  9. Zoe Hawk
  10. Vinny Mode!
  11. Cloverville Bruiser
  12. Rusty Wilson
  13. Max Mode
  14. Asker Sherman (2000-2015)
  15. Giorgio 'Hawk'adopoulos
  16. Leonidas
  17. Kona and Scout
  18. Koko
  19. Butters!
  20. Legion of Bark

Take Advantage Of the 12thDog Discount

As our way of saying thank you for participating in the 12th Dog Contest, we're offering 20% OFF our entire online store. Be sure to take advantage of this before December 17th to enjoy a great discount on everything we have to offer. Use coupon code 12thDog at checkout to redeem. Any items purchased by December 17th will be guaranteed for Christmas delivery.

Hot Off The Press!

If you're a Seahawks fan, you've heard of Thomas Rawls. He's on fire and so are these new shirts exclusively available at Simply Seattle.

12th Dog Leaderboard (11/24/15)

We had a feeling this would be fun, but couldn't have predicted the overwhelming support the 12th Dog Contest would garner. The adorable and hilarious pets, the thousands and thousands of votes and the over $2,000 raised for PAWS. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

 Palmer2 and PJ are ready for the Holidays.

Palmer2 and PJ are ready for the Holidays.

Every day new 12th Dog submissions roll in and the votes continue to mount. We're pleased to share with you the current leaderboard as it sits today. You'll notice some familiar names and a few newcomers to the top of the list. The voting margin remains quite close and with over three weeks to go it's going to come down to the wire. Remember, the winner will be announced on Blue Friday, December 17, 2015. So Keep voting!!! 

The Top 25 Leaderboard

  1. Running Back Rainey

  2. Feature 12th Man!

  3. Maddog Lola

  4. Reese Lightning

  5. Abby Rose

  6. Luna the "Lunatic"

  7. Ella #ellathepug

  8. Charlie

  9. Zoe Hawk

  10. Vinny Mode!

  11. Cloverville Bruiser

  12. Max Mode

  13. Rusty Wilson

  14. Giorgio 'Hawk'adopoulos

  15. Asker Sherman

  16. Kona and Scout

  17. Leonidas

  18. Koko

  19. Legion of Bark

  20. Dach Hawk Kleo

  21. Butters!

  22. Gotti

  23. Maeshawn Lynch

  24. The Roo P Chow

  25. Buster Hawk

Take Advantage Of the 12thDog Discount

As our way of saying thank you for participating in the 12th Dog Contest, we're offering 20% OFF our entire online store. Be sure to take advantage of this before December 17th to enjoy a great discount on everything we have to offer. Use coupon code 12thDog at checkout to redeem.

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115 Years of Apple Cup History

  Photo by Shelly Hanks. ©2013 Washington State University

Photo by Shelly Hanks. ©2013 Washington State University

For those in the know, you know that the Apple Cup is the annual grudge match between Washington’s two biggest college football teams, the University of Washington’s Huskies versus Washington State University’s Cougars. What you may not know, is that the two teams have been at it every year since 1900!

 This is a program cover from the 1942 Washington-Washington State game, played at Husky Stadium. David Eskenazi Collection

This is a program cover from the 1942 Washington-Washington State game, played at Husky Stadium. David Eskenazi Collection

Originally called the “Governor’s Trophy”, the trophy became the Apple Cup in 1962, in honor of Washington State’s delicious and iconic apples. Every odd year, such as this year, the game is played right here in Seattle, at Husky Stadium. And every even year, it’s played at Martin Stadium in Pullman on the east side of Washington. The game has been historically played as the last game of the season, on the saturday before Thanksgiving, though recently it’s been held after Thanksgiving.

Win two tickets to the big game

Overall, UW’s Huskies have dominated over WSU’s Cougars, leading the rivalry with 69 wins over 114 years! Of course, with every year, the rivalry grows stronger and stronger, so show your team spirit this year with one of our “We Run This State” hoodies, in Husky Purple and Gold, or Cougar Crimson and Gray! We'll find out on November 27, who runs this state. Even better, we'll be sending two lucky fans to the game.

 Exclusive 2015 Apple Cup Gear

Exclusive 2015 Apple Cup Gear

Making A Better World For Animals

When it comes to American football, no other team seems to have quite the same following as the Seattle Seahawks. Their “12th Fans” are known across the United States for the intensity of their roar on game day. Adorning themselves – not to mention their pets, cars, homes, and workplaces – in green and blue, a Seahawks fan’s pride is strong, their support unwavering.

In the animal rescue community, there’s one organization who considers themselves blessed with their very own kind of 12th Fans – committed, caring and compassionate people who have helped make a difference to the lives of thousands of animals in need for almost 50 years. That organization is PAWS.

 PAWS volunteer with puppy

PAWS volunteer with puppy

From thrift store to shelter

"Every time we went to the grocery store, there would be a box of kittens or puppies with a sign saying 'free to a good home'," recalled the late Virginia Knouse, PAWS' co-founder. "It was awful and we wanted to do something about it."

Virginia and a group of friends realized the solution to the tragedy of pet overpopulation was spaying and neutering. In 1967, this dedicated and forward-thinking group banded together to raise money to pay for spay and neuter surgeries. The Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) was born.

The founders first raised money to pay for these surgeries with a rummage sale in an office basement nicknamed "the Cave", which soon became PAWS' first thrift store. As word spread that an animal welfare group was operating a store in Lynnwood, the store became swamped with cats and dogs brought in by people who hoped PAWS would take care of them. Within two years, PAWS opened their companion animal shelter for lost, abandoned, and homeless cats and dogs.

Like many shelters, over time PAWS also started receiving sick, injured and orphaned wild animals. In response to this great need, PAWS began rehabilitating wildlife in 1981, and has become a leading voice in the protection of habitat and wildlife in Washington State and beyond.

 PAWS working with wildlife

PAWS working with wildlife

Animal champions

PAWS is people helping animals—rehabilitating injured and orphaned wildlife, sheltering and adopting homeless cats and dogs, and educating people to make a better world for animals. 

We are the kind of people who delight in the company of an animal friend, who are awed by a majestic eagle in flight. We understand that animals enrich our lives. We also know they can’t speak for themselves and need protection. 

Last year, PAWS helped more than 7,600 wild and companion animals in need. And without the hundreds of volunteers who work tirelessly alongside staff 365 days a year, and the generous donors who share our vision for a world where all people recognize the intrinsic value of animals, this just wouldn’t be possible.

In 2014 alone, volunteers contributed more than 53,000 hours to PAWS; that equates to about 25 full time staff! With opportunities in animal care, fostering, and wildlife rehabilitation to name a few, volunteers are an integral part of daily life at PAWS, and cherished for the time they so selflessly share with us.

 PAWS Walk


Then there are the fundraisers and donors who give in so many different ways – from donating food and supplies to help care for the animals, to making a monthly gift, to taking part in the annual PAWSwalk, and everything in between!

PAWS would never be able to accomplish what it does without the volunteers, donors and advocates who support our work so passionately. To the multitude of individuals who are helping us realize a brighter future for animals, thank you.

Best Museums to see on Free First Thursdays

We at Simply Seattle want to help locals and guests get the most out of the great city of Seattle. To help guide you and point you in the right direction, we're presenting a series of articles to serve as a Virtual Tour Guide! Below is the latest article, and you can see them all in the Tour Guide Category!

Seattle is steeped in culture, and one of its biggest claims is its diverse museums. One of the best ways to visit them, and save a little money, is to check out Seattle’s Free Museum Day, which occurs on the first Thursday of each month. Here are some of our favorite museums to visit:

Seattle Asian Art Museum

 Museum-goers taking in a recent exhibit at Seattle Asian Art Museum. Photo by  Dominic Arenas Photography .

Museum-goers taking in a recent exhibit at Seattle Asian Art Museum. Photo by Dominic Arenas Photography.

Located in the heart of beautiful Volunteer Park in Capitol Hill, Seattle Asian Art Museum is a wonderful place to experience ancient and contemporary art from artists all over Asia. We are very excited for their latest exhibit: Paradox of Place: Contemporary Korean Art, recently opened October 31st; which is being heralded as America’s first major exhibit featuring Contemporary Korean Art. Of course, the museum is not just contemporary Asian Art, there’s also a diverse collection of fine china, sculpture, and calligraphy.

Museum of History and Industry

 Learning about outdoor activities at Museum of History and Industry. Photo by  Dominic Arenas Photography . 

Learning about outdoor activities at Museum of History and Industry. Photo by Dominic Arenas Photography

Commonly known by its acronym, “MOHAI” is a one stop shop to dive deep into Seattle’s history, specifically our growth from humble logging town, to the world class city of today. Some of our favorite exhibits include the surreal sing-a-long account of the Great Seattle Fire, and the Jeff Bezos Center for Innovation, inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of Seattle. The recently opened “Legacy of Seattle Hip Hop” is sure to inspire future generations by portraying the rich history of Hip Hop in Seattle.

The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture

 Captivated by natural history. Photo by  Dominic Arenas Photography .

Captivated by natural history. Photo by Dominic Arenas Photography.

Of course, no city is complete without a museum of Natural History, and The Burke completely fulfills this need! Operated by the University of Washington, The Burke Museum is not your typical “Fossils and rocks” Museum. Of course, it does have fossils and rocks, you can also find many interesting Anthropological exhibits, including Coast Salish Art, a collection of art created by the First Peoples of Washington and British Columbia. And if you’re a dinosaur fan, be sure to check out the Titanoboa: Monster Snake exhibit, featuring the world’s largest snake, a 48 foot beast that dined on prehistoric crocodiles.

Museum of Flight

 In mission control, breathlessly awaiting a successful landing. Photo by  Dominic Arenas Photography .

In mission control, breathlessly awaiting a successful landing. Photo by Dominic Arenas Photography.

One of Seattle’s biggest industries is aviation, and the Museum of Flight is hands down the best place to learn all about it. From the first pioneering mail carriers, to Boeing’s rich history, you’ll find not only interesting information about planes, but the planes themselves! You can walk through two huge rooms of planes, then head outside and you’ll find Air Force One, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and you can even take a tour of the Concorde. And one of our favorite experiences is the Mission to Mars simulator, a fully interactive space shuttle mission, with the shuttle and mission control having to work together to safely complete the mission.

Those are all of our favorite Free First Thursday museums, stay tuned to the blog for the next Tour Guide post! 

12th Dog Leaderboard (10/30/15)

We can't say enough about your creativity and support. The recent submission below says it all. Who new Butters could jump over Mt. Ranier? Together we've created the largest collection of Seahawks inspired 12th Dogs on the internet. Even better it's all in the name of supporting a great cause!

 12th Dog Entry - Butters

12th Dog Entry - Butters

After 170 entries and over 35,000 votes the contest remains a tight race for first place. With just over 45 days left it's still any dogs game! Vote, Share, Laugh and Have Fun at www.simplyseattle.com/12thdog!! 

The Top 24 Leaderboard

  1. Running Back Rainey
  2. Reese Lightning
  3. Abby Rose
  4. Luna The "Lunatic"
  5. Maddog Lola
  6. Feature 12th Man!
  7. Zoe Hawk
  8. Max Mode
  9. Charlie
  10. Ella #ellathepug
  11. Rusty Wilson
  12. Kona and Scout
  13. Vinny Mode!
  14. Giorgio 'Hawk'adopoulos
  15. Koko
  16. Cloverville Bruiser
  17. Asker Sherman (2000-2015)
  18. Leonidas
  19. Legion of Bark
  20. Dach Hawk Kleo
  21. Gotti
  22. Beast Mode Millie
  23. Lola The Sea Gal
  24. Maeshawn Lynch

Don't see your dog on the list? Don't worry!!! Votes are continuing to pour in and there is still plenty of time. Encourage your network to vote once per day. As always, a huge Thank You on behalf of Simply Seattle and PAWS for supporting and protecting animals in and around Seattle.

12th Dog Leaderboard (10/14/15)

Will it be a monkey, a penguin, an otter, a pig or an actual dog? Come December 18, we'll know for sure who's going to win the 12th Dog Contest. In the meantime here's the Top 20 on this weeks leaderboard. Nearly 20,000 votes have been cast and with 145 total entries the contest is still wide open for anyone to win. Keep voting and sharing with your friends. www.simplyseattle.com/12thdog

  Featured Dog - 12th Dog Pyramid

Featured Dog - 12th Dog Pyramid

The Top 20

1. Running Back Rainey
2. Reese Lightning
3. Luna The "Lunatic"
4. Maddog Lola
5. Zoe Hawk
6. Abby Rose
7. Max Mode
8. Rusty Wilson
9. Kona and Scout
10. Ella #ellathepug
11. Vinny Mode!
12. Koko
13. Charlie
14. Legion of Bark
15. Cloverville Bruiser
16. Gotti
17. Dach Hawk Kleo
18. Leonidas
19. Maeshawn Lynch
20. Feature 12th Man!

Don't see your dog on the list? Don't worry!!! Votes are continuing to pour in and there is still plenty of time. Encourage your network to vote once per day. As always, a huge Thank You on behalf of Simply Seattle and PAWS for supporting and protecting animals in and around Seattle.

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