Seattle Gift's Guide for Valentine's Day by Simply Seattle

Simply Seattle’s Gift Guide for Valentine's Day In Seattle WA

Valentine’s Day is here again, and like many out there in the Emerald City, you might be scrambling to bestow your beloved with treats and treasures to show just how much you care about him or her. At Simply Seattle, we’re literally pro’s when it comes to Seattle gift baskets and Seattle souvenirs, so it’s a mystery to us why Seattleites both young and old have such a tough time finding the right gifts for their sweethearts. Whatever the reason may be, we’re going to clear the air with this blog post. Once you’ve heard these tips, you have no excuse for phoning your gift in this Valentine’s Day in Seattle. Lousy Valentine’s Day gifts are a thing of the past, here is Simply Seattle’s Gift guide for Valentine’s Day in Seattle.

TIP 1 - Take Time to Consider the Seriousness of your Relationship

This tip isn’t just for Seattle Valentine’s Day Gift ideas, but for Valentine’s Day gifters near and far. We felt this tip in particular had to kick off our Seattle Valentine’s Day gift guide because, let’s face it, this is where a lot people tend to get in trouble with their Valentine’s Day gifts. Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is one of the most common times during the year for relationships to end, and at Simply Seattle, we are of the humble opinion that it has a lot to do with mistimed gifts. The worst Valentine’s Day gifts are the ones that aren’t appropriate for the length of the relationship. You wouldn’t give a person you’ve been dating for a couple months an absurdly expensive piece of jewelry, just like you wouldn’t celebrate the 10th Valentine’s Day as a couple with a simple greeting card.

 If you’re truly stumped when it comes to choosing a Valentine’s Day gift, start with thinking of how long you’ve been together - it will set you in the right direction and help you rule out certain gifts.

TIP 2 - Go Local

Opting for locally sourced and manufactured goods is a great yet simple way of adding an extra personal touch to your Seattle Valentine’s Day gifts. Valentine’s Day gifts are meant to be personal, right? Well, if you’re struggling to come up with an intimate, personalized gift for your significant other, what better way than to go for something that they already love from their neighborhood or home town? If you live in Seattle, you’re lucky to live in a city with a thriving local business scene. Here, you’ve got access to some truly special, well-crafted Valentine’s Day gifts and goods that you can’t get anywhere else. From clothing, to coffee, to chocolate, to jewelry - Seattle is home to local gifts and goodies that satisfy all of the Valentine’s Day requirements.

For some Seattle Valentine’s Day gift inspiration, consider locally made treats and treasures that your partner already likes. Even if it’s not the ‘main’ gift, thinking locally will definitely give you some great ideas for Valentine’s Day in Seattle.

Tip 3 - Go for Something Memorable

Some people hear ‘memorable’ and automatically think that means ‘expensive.’ Don’t worry, ‘memorable’ and ‘inexpensive’ aren’t mutually exclusive when it comes to Seattle Valentine’s Day gifts. Believe it or not, finding a memorable gift that doesn’t break the bank is easier than it sounds; a simple greeting card can create memories that’ll last a lifetime, provided you included a particularly well-written message. It’s all about the execution. If you can, go for a keepsake, a special message, or an experience in Seattle that’ll be hard to forget once Valentine’s Day comes and goes. Let’s face it, we’re all well versed in cliche Valentine’s Day gifts, but going for the memorability with your Valentine’s Day gift this year is a great way to think outside the box and avoid those cliches.

One sure-fire way to get yourself out of the cliche Valentine’s Day gift idea slump is to choose a gift that you know your significant other will remember for years to come.

TIP 4 - Just Leave it to Simply Seattle

Last but not least, if you’re struggling to come up with a worthwhile Valentine’s Day gift, just leave it to Simply Seattle.That’s right! Whatever you have in mind for this Valentine’s Day in Seattle, Simply Seattle has the goods to make sure you knock it out of the park with your gift this year! There’s no heavy lifting involved - just order one of Simply Seattle’s Valentine’s Day gift baskets, and you’re set!

The Essential

The Deluxe

The Ultimate

The Valentine’s Day gift baskets from Simply Seattle hit all the important points when it comes to getting the right gift on this most romantic of holidays. Whether you’re just breaking the ice, or you’ve been together for years and years, Simply Seattle’s Valentine’s Day gift baskets make the perfect presents. Plus, they’re chock full of locally made goodies, and memorable keepsakes, like:

Simply Seattle is dedicated to providing the Emerald City with the best that Seattle has to offer. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, your birthday, or to celebrate one of your favorite Seattle sports teams, Simply Seattle has the best Seattle souvenirs and Seattle apparel in town.

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