A Great Choice Holiday Shopping in Seattle: Simply Seattle


You’re probably still reeling from your recent Black Friday deal hunt. Did you get the deals you were after? Were you left feeling like you missed the mark? Well don’t fret just yet, there’s still plenty of time left, and what’s more, you can get all of your holiday shopping done at Simply Seattle this year, with these epic Seattle gift baskets - everything that makes for a perfect holiday present, all wrapped up in a delightful gift basket from Simply Seattle.

Snacks and Sweets Deluxe Gift Basket

Snacks and Sweets Deluxe Gift Basket Seattle

With can’t-miss Seattle treats both savory and sweet, this tasty basket elevates the standard to extraordinary. Whether you want to bring the holidays into the office or be a gracious guest at the party, this basket is the perfect choice.

Vegan/Gluten Free Snacks and Sweets Gift Basket

Vegan-Gluten Free Snacks and Sweets Gift Basket Seattle.jpg

Dietary restrictions can leave the people who have them feeling left out around the holidays, but you don’t have to worry about that with this Seattle gift basket. Spread the gustatory joy to your favorite animal-product or gluten-free folks with this basket made to please the pickiest.

Salmon Gift Basket

Salmon Gift Basket.jpg

Nothing says the great Pacific Northwest quite like salmon. Haul in the bountiful flavor of the Pacific with this basket full of salmon and salmon paired items with this Salmon gift basket.

Ultimate Foodie Gift Basket


Ultimate Foodie Gift Basket.jpg

Everyone knows Seattle is a total foodie paradise. Show off some of the Emerald City’s culinary offerings to your loved ones with this Simply Seattle gift basket full of the finest items from the 206’s thriving food culture.

Holiday Treats

Holiday Treats Gift Basket Seattle.jpg

A go-to basket for holiday parties far and wide. Sweet treats, charcuterie, dips, and chocolate, this basket has everything you need to kickstart delicious festivities, specifically designed for the holiday season!

Best Of Pike’s Place

Best Of Pike’s Place Gift basets seattle.jpg

You don’t have to brave the crowds (and worse, the parking), to enjoy the incredible flavors of Pike Place Market. This basket carries all the musts from Seattle’s famous market—even Rachel the Pig!

Simply Chocolate

Simply Chocolate Seattle Gift Baskets.jpg

Simply put, sometimes we here at Simply Seattle wish we could have a gift basket of simply chocolate! Then we realized, we could have it. We think you should have on too! All the best chocolate from the greater Seattle area, all in one spot!

Welcome to Seattle

Welcome to Seattle Gift Basket.jpg

No, it’s not a gift basket full of rain and old Pearl Jam cassettes. Whether for the newcomer or just to show off your hometown, this gift basket comes full of tokens of Seattle pride with a few edible goodies to boot.

Simply Seahawks

Simply Seahawks Seattle Gift Basket.jpg

Basically the Legion of Boom in gift basket form. Perfect for that die-hard 12th Man out there, this basket is full of ways to show off that Seahawks pride.

Hawks for Them

Hawks for Them Seattle Gift Basket.jpg

Not all Seahawks fly alone. For that fledgling couple just molting into fanhood, this double-down Seahawks basket is a great way to get them outfitted for the holidays.

Hawks go Big or Go Home

Hawks go Big or Go Home Seattle Gift Basket.jpg

With this Hawks basket you can go big and go home, especially if you’re hosting a Seahawks party this season. From peanuts to pigskin, this Simply Seattle gift basket favorite has all the makings of a great game party.

Peanuts and Crackerjacks

Peanuts and Crackerjacks Seattle Gift Basket.jpg

Don’t worry, M’s fans, Simply Seattle hasn’t forgotten Safeco. Sure, it might be the offseason, but that doesn’t mean knock one out of the park for your favorite Mariners fan with this M’s gift basket packed into a Mariners tin bucket.

Limited Edition UW huskies Represent

Limited Edition UW huskies Represent Seattle Gift Basket.jpg

Go Dawgs, am I right? If you answered yes to that question, or know someone who would, then this is to be the Seattle gift basket for you.

Office Hero Gift Basket

Office Hero Gift Basket Seattle.jpg

Too often the hard work of office heros goes unthanked and unnoticed. Don’t let your favorite office hero go unnoticed this holiday season. Show them—and the rest of the office—how much their hard work means to you!

Custom Seattle Gift Baskets

Picnic+Deluxe Custom Seattle Gift Baskets.jpg

No one knows better than you what would be in the perfect gift basket. However you want to customize a basket (wine and champagne!), we can help. The first step is to fill out our custom gift form. Give it a whirl!


If you’re interested in one of a wonderful (and delicious) Seattle gift baskets, you've come to the right place!