The Best Seahawks Gear for Winter Season Lives by Simply Seattle


Looking for a unique and stylish way to show your Seahawks Pride this football season? Sure, it’s not that hard to find Seahawks gear in Seattle, but finding the right Seattle sports gear that’ll outlast the current Season isn’t necessarily a walk in the park, either. No matter what kind of Seahawks swag you’re looking for, Simply Seattle has it all, everything you need to get prepped for a trip to CenturyLink Stadium, or to enjoy the game from your favorite watering hole or home. Here are some of our favorite pieces of Seahawks gear available at Simply Seattle this Seahawks season.

Seattle Seahawks NFL Light Up Printed Beanie

Seahawks light up beanie.jpg

So much of the Seahawks season overlaps with the holidays, why go and buy an extra beanie. If you’re in Seattle, this Seahawks NFL Light Up printed beanie will keep you warm and looking fresh throughout the holiday season.

Seattle Seahawks New Era Rugged Tag Knit Hat

Rugged Tagnknit hat.jpg

When you’re dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh, going over those hills, screaming “SEAHAWKS” all the way, do you wanna be wearing any old knit hat? Of course not - you need something that shows how much you really care, and this knit hat from New Era is it.

Seattle Seahawks Stadium Approved Bag

Seahawks stadium approved bag.jpg

Stylish, understated, useful, stadium-approved. This zipper-closed, 100% vinyl shoulder bag can tote a picnic to the Arboretum, extra warm layers through stadium security, or a laptop to your next business meeting. Practicality and Seahawks pride never looked so good together!

Seattle Seahawks Mens Pajama Set

Seahawks jammies.jpeg

Real Seahawks fandom means you never stop repping your team, even while you're sleeping.  The Seattle Seahawks Pajamas set means that Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman, and any other mythological nocturnal figure will know how much you love the ‘hawks.

Seattle Seahawks Women's Navy/Neon Leggings


This one was a no-brainer for us. Leggings are everywhere, everybody wears them...but not everyone has leggings that scream GO HAWKS in the face of everyone around you. Stay comfortable, stay stylish in these fashion forward Seahawks leggings.

Seattle Seahawks New Era 39Thirty Realtree Snapback Adjustable

Camo Hawks Cap.jpg

Become one with nature while never forsaking your love for the ‘Hawks. Whether you’re blending in in nature, or standing out in town, everyone will know you bleed green and blue, even though this hat resembles Northwest foliage.

Seattle Seahawks New Era Visor 2017 Training Camp Official 39THIRTY Flex Hat - Navy


If you’re looking for a way to up your 12th man street cred, this 2017 training camp visor makes you look like you’ve got the inside track, a spot on the field to watch each game, and a close personal friendship with Pete Carroll, even though  you just bought it from Simply Seattle.

Seattle Seahawks Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings.jpg

There’s no typical Seahawks fan, and there is no typical way of showing off your pride for the ‘hawks. At Simply Seattle, we say “Let ‘em dangle!”  These Seattle Seahawks Hoop Earrings will let e’m all know how you feel while keeping you lookin’ good.

Seattle Seahawks Team Bunting


This is one of those things that you didn’t know you needed until you saw it right here. Spruce up your picnic table, or your box at the symphony with this festive Seahawks bunting. The symphony is always BYOBunting.

Seattle Seahawks New Era Infant Beanie

Infant beanie.png

Some folks are born fans, so let ‘em show their support with some pint-sized Seahawks apparel. My daughter’s first words were “beast mode.”

Seattle Seahawks Team Lapel Pin

Lapel Pin.jpg

Formal Occasions are still occasions to rep the hawks. This Team Lapel Pin means that you can discretely and politely declare your fandom for all the ritzy folks nearby.

Seahawks Bumper Sticker

Bumper sticker.jpg

Got a car? Then you have NO EXCUSE! Frankly we’re not sure why they don’t issue these with Washington driver’s licenses.

Seattle Seahawks Blue Throwback Tee

Blue throwback tee.jpg

Hipster’s rejoice! You can rep the ‘hawks while still looking unique and vintage and like you buy your clothes from Macklemore's favorite thrift stores. This timeless everyday classic is made complete with a big bold print of the original Seahawks logo.

Seattle Seahawks Womens Scoop Throwback Hoodie

Classic Throwback hoodie.jpeg

Are you new to Hawks Fam? Don’t worry, this Classic Throwback hoodie will belie your recently inducted fandom. It’ll make ‘em all think you’re a die hard, legacy fan of the Hawks. Plus, it’s casual, meaning you can prove your dedication wherever you may go.

Seahawks Game Day Shot Glass

Shot glasses.jpg

Around here, game day is definitely the most special day. Whatever your special moment, these Seahawks-emblazoned shot glasses are sure to make it that much more special.Cheers to the Hawks!

It may seem obvious, but there are a million and one ways to celebrate your love of the Seahawks. At Simply Seattle, it’s our goal to accommodate fans of all shapes, sizes, styles and persuasions. Everything at Simply Seattle is made the utmost quality and care in order to support your fandom for not just this season, but for all seasons to come. Whatever your Seahawks needs, we have you covered head-to-toe, bunting to bumper stickers.

If you’re looking to rep another one of Seattle’s great teams, look no further. Get in touch today!